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As gamers and social media junkies we all have our own sides to every story we take part in. Some include jokes and high jinx as we serve as gods in virtual worlds. Some are filled tumblr gay games jump scares, mysteries, and robotic monstrosities. And occasionally we serve as cold-blooded psychopaths on a hunt for our one and only senpai. Lauren of the popular Laurenzside YouTube channel experienced these sides on her road to YouTube fame. With her channel amassing over 1, subscribers and over , views she has certainly made a name for herself in the social media world.

Her channel mostly focuses on her playing a variety of video games while providing live reactions and comedic commentary. She covers everything from Cat Mario to Outlast on her channel bringing a surprising amount of variation in her content. Lauren keeps her Sims 4 series light and fun but ensures to provides new entertaining themes as each one ends. Her horror videos usually bring a comedic view on these terrifying situations as she struggles with the intricate and sometimes very difficult mechanics of popular horror games. And to mix tumblr gay games lifestyle games with a horror twist, Lauren loves to delve into every update and fan mod made to the video game Yandere Simulatorwhere instead of dying for the one you love you simply kill anyone who stands in your way at winning his heart.

Lauren is a lover of this game as she usually loses track of obtaining senpai and finds various ways to torture and maim her best friend Kokona. Lauren has amassed a presence on a variety of social media sites including an Instagram with overfollowers, a twitter with over 48, and even a twitch with over 31, where she streams whatever video games her viewers ask for almost every 3 days. Her biggest room for improvement would be with her merchandise store and Facebook. Her merch store has a limited amount of products which can be explained by her growing presence on YouTube but the site lacks any review system for the products which makes users unsure of the quality of whatever they choose to purchase.

Her Facebook remains inactive mostly with a very rare update which can also be explained by Facebooks decrease in popularity, but the most confusing part is that she has two separate s with no obvious links to why. She also carries an open dialogue between her and her growing community and ensures that her content reflects what they need. If you provide her with honest criticism, she will acknowledge it and look to improve which shows a great sense of humility. Every Sims 4 series she does she gets tips and critics from viewers on how to create the characters and fun ways to tie the series to its theme or game.

She is a must follow for those who love a healthy YouTube gaming community and love funny commentary with their games. A time of Joy and prosperity had found its way to the land of Hyrule after the evil Ganon had once again been vanquished, but ignorance had found its way into the blood of its citizens.

Now as jokingly is this intro was intended it, in a way, is canon. During the games pre-production phase there were numerous rumors of Zelda getting her own game in the series, a chance to prove her prowess as a defender of Hyrule and wielder of the Triforce of wisdom. There were even stories of Linkle, an alternate reality version of link as a female, playable in Hyrule warriors, staring in her own game.

But those rumors and stories proved to be nothing else after trailers and leaks hit the mainstream media earlier this year of our beloved Link as the hero once again. It brings a new style of game to the Zelda series with open world gameplay, customizable weapons and armor and not tumblr gay games mention a Skyrim like endless series of out-of-story missions and collectables. A game like this has been unheard of in the Zelda series.

Princess Zelda is obviously female. If we made Link a female, we thought that would mess with the balance of the Triforce. This quote brings many questions to life like is a vagina really strong enough to break the Triforce forged by three goddesses…who have vaginas. Or worse, is it even possible for Zelda to save her own kingdom for once? Twilight PrincessSpirit Tracks and Wind Waker have all proved Zelda has what it takes to fight and survive the journey Link goes through every game. The Legend of Zelda series is more than just an iconic collection of games but one of the most beloved and long lasting video game series to date.

Would It be better for Princess Zelda to finally get the game she deserves? Or can Nintendo create an entirely new female heroine to replace Link? It is not okay that on June 12 ththe deadliest mass shooting in U.

It is not okay that 21 people are still hospitalized, 6 people are in critical condition and 49 people are dead. It is not okay that these people who meant nothing to the majority of the country now serve as a reminder that America is a terrible cesspool of ignorance and floating within it are the bodies of hate, disgust and prejudice.

It is not okay that instead of blaming these senators so many have blamed the Islamic faith. When Muslims break their fast of the month of Ramadan and pray for the victims of this incident it is not okay to blame a religion. We all have faith but all faiths have troubled practitioners. It is not okay that so many are now afraid, but it is okay to be afraid. Murder, Suicide and hate crimes plague the history of the LGBTQA community and the people within it have been afraid for a long time before this incident.

You have one life, you are one person, Mateen had one life, Mateen was one person and if Mateen can end 49 lives tumblr gay games forever change the history of a nation you can do something to stop tumblr gay games from ever happening again. We can show support, for the victims and their families, for those afraid but not yet strong enough to fight.

Let our senators know that it is not a matter of liberty and rights that a year-old American man managed to obtain the weaponry that caused this tragedy so easily. We must spread the word and continue to remind ourselves and our nation that this happened and that it was not okay. Every story has a plot and action. In the enchanting Netflix series Ever After High there is a lot of action taken towards the plot.

Ever After High is a tale of stereotypical proportions. The entire thing is predictable and the dialogue and attempts to write out of corners are simply sad. The characters are functionless robots that fit their roles a little to perfectly creating nothing but a story a toddler could see coming. With all this said, I love a lot about this series. Although the plot is predictable and just plain stupid it appeals to the creative side. The show gets a little too obvious at times, but so did all the legends of the 90s like Scooby-Doo and SpongeBob. Now the Netflix original series holds no candle to the yellow square himself yet it still has its merits.

Big hair, big eyes, unbelievably tiny waists and heels too high to even walk in. The characters are incredibly unrealistic but what can one expect in a show where fairy tale children all go the same school and fight to rewrite destiny. My first instinct when watching the show was to turn it off because the characters are unrealistic the plot is absurd and the dialogue is complete crap but after I accepted all that the show became annoyingly addicting. What makes these shows appealing is their touch to the childish sides of us.

Being in a pretty world where everything is magically unreal makes us happy because what you want to happen happens. However, there is no excuse for the just lack of thought in this series. The dialogue had me cringing in my seat and the twists could barely be called turns.

The show needs a revamp, new writers and better funding. But the dolls seem to be flying off the shelves. Ever After High and Monster High doll sells have increased dramatically sense the series began and its thanks to Mattel and the unique fashionista art style it gave the girls. The series needs detailed work on the dialogue. If it must be crazy, quirky and fun at least make the dialogue interesting and the characters somewhat relatable. Steven Universe a show directed towards children yet is a amazingly well written, well thought out and carries a large fanbase outside of its younger target.

There is a tumblr gay games between childish and bad. I give the show a 4 out of 10 with most of its points completely thanks to the art style, goodbye and good luck. I want you to think of a video game. A video game unique to itself, outside of your comfort zone and everything your used to. A game that makes you laugh and have fun. A game so detailed that even exiting out of it affects the story.

That game is Undertale. The story follows you down a rabbit hole into a realm of monsters and your mission is to escape back to the human world. Sound familiar? Well it twists that stereotypical journey in a new direction. The games plot is unlike any other and cleverly tied into every other aspect of the game including combat and layout. It has a unique combat style mixed with a familiar turn based layout. Every aspect of the game contains both familiar qualities gamer is comfortable with and new qualities that test their ability. The game also breaks the fourth wall numerously but in a way that keeps you absorbed.

It stretches to the point that playing it even feels like manipulating an alternate reality with characters aware of your manipulation. It challenges your morals as well with several routes to different endings based purely on your choices. But beware of the save, the game will remember if you killed something in a pacifist run, or if you spared a soul in your genocide, the few characters who break the fourth wall remember your decisions even if you go back to your last save.

Another memorable aspect about this game is its completely original soundtrack composed by Fox. Every land has its own song, as does every lands basic combat and boss. With the music comes a whimsical sense of humor that holds both an innocence and a tongue-and-cheek feel. You have everything from lesbian dinosaur-fish romances to a ghost that cries hats. The best way to play this game tumblr gay games without any help. One thing that may distract modern gamers from this game is its requirement to think.

A consumer review on metacritic gave the game a zero due to one of the puzzles towards the beginning where he fell through every hole to find the tumblr gay games path when if he paid attention to the environment or simply just read the on the wall it would tell you to follow the leaf path on the floor below. The games puzzles can be as basic as this and still differ from games today. It challenges the constant kill-or-be-killed style of most modern games. Modern puzzles in games have a tendency to be similar in de and ease the player in while in Undertale every puzzle is different and there are multiple solutions depending on the player.

However, the retro style helps better the feel of the game. Instead of being distracted by effects and colors you get to pay more attention to other details of the game like comedic skeletons. Ultimately the game gets a 10 out of 10 from me and every review on steam. Its funny style and attention to detail could capture any audience. I would honestly suggest it to anyone, gamer or non-gamer, its truly just a great experience.

Until another tale goodbye and good luck and stay filled with determination! Deep within the depths of space laid a planet, a planet void of life love and hope for its people. This place lay dormant until a came in the form of a man, a man in search of his life his being his love that was taken away from him by the evil overlord that made the disrepute wasteland what it is.

It seems fairly popular in modern day video games to forget the gay man. The gay community has an entire label for gamer gays and nerds who love sitting on the couch playing the newest in their favorite genre. Games like Dragon Age, Last of Us and even The Sims have allowed and encouraged the idea of gay main characters but they all seem to have a fatal flaw: the characters sexuality is either so fluid that everyone in the game is fluid or sexuality is swept under the rug until halfway through the game.

Dragon Age Inquisition is your typical RPG where you go on missions, kill and collect as well fight in a raging war. In this game you have numerous love interests you can pursue including many same-sex partners to choose from like Dorian Pavus, a very sexy mage who is fully gay character.

Dorian is a prime example of good gay character de. In the DLC for Last of Us called Left Behind Ellie grows interest in a female character named Riley and they even kiss but can we call a teenage girl a lesbian or even bisexual just because she kissed a cute girl once. Some gaming corporations treat their audience like some middle aged white elite where their main character is a white straight male carrying a big weapon. The few games where the main character is uncontrollably female have her as either a hyper unrealistic sex creature or not really seen or heard of at all.

On the topic of female representation in games it is far more often for you tumblr gay games find a lesbian or non-hetereo female in a game like Ellie from Last of Us, Poison from Street Fighter or even Maya from borderlands 2.

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