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Hi all, I was wondering what the best tactic is, for weeks 18 and 19? I initially thought I would alter my team towards players that will play GW19, then play a free hit on 18, bench boost 19, then wildcard and put together a solid team for the final run out of the season. The problem is, the fixtures for GW19 are tough for reddit gw 18 lot of big teams, so is the bench boost worth it?

Don't waste your second WC so early. Yeah, I was thinking about this a lot. Very difficult co craft a good team for a bench boost double game week, that will also be a decent side for GW Tried to figure out a way to build a team for DGW 19, but it's either taking huge hits or fielding a sub standard XI, neither of which are ideal.

Will use BB and TC later in the season. Managers on the touchline. Posted by 7 months ago. Sort by: best. Continue this thread. I'm also going this route. More posts from the FantasyPL community. A place where people can discuss Premier League Fantasy Football Teams, News, or anything else that might be helpful for fantasy managers. Created Jul 21, Top posts december 20th Top posts of december, Top posts Back to Top.

Reddit gw 18

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