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What do you think about having the premium version available for sale? Hi Everybody! The sprites for Reyka and Eve will be next. I want to take a moment to thank Veroen for the suggestions he posted in the forum. The two biggest mechanical additions, the Grudge System and Challenge Mode, were based on his suggestions. For anyone with a passing familiarity with Shadow of Wardor, the Grudge System is like a light version of the Nemesis system.

These grudges are mostly unique to each character based on their fighting style and personality. This will give you something extra to deal with if you keep picking on the same NPC repeatedly. The Challenge Mode makes use of night games patreon handicap system that was already in the game. Thank you Jos for making it. Optimized behavior is just too predictable for my taste. The last addition I want to talk about is something that no one complained about, but bugged me during testing. NPCs that equip strap-on dildos now show them in their sprite. AimlessArt even went the extra mile to give each one a unique de.

Reduced the amount Advanced training scales per Attribute point. Premium Only:. Comment Name Website.

Night games patreon

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