Make a date with erica

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What if it all goes horribly wrong? Even worse, what if it goes incredibly right? That could potentially lead to date No. And really, who needs that? Looks like Callie and Erica just might. The Seattle Grace colleagues finally braved their first same-sex date, and it was sparky and funny and full of promise. Like a palpably anxious Callie hilariously oversharing with a surprised Dr. Vajayjay and motherland and Africa, oh my! Naturally, Callie would equate their first date with sex. Whether marrying George or deciding she wants to be Chief for all of 2.

Erica gently reminded her they could take it slow, and just as quickly proved to us that outside of her burgeoning relationship, she has no intention of going soft. But Callie and Erica -- Callica? No-longer-an-intern George, so often wracked with insecurity, proved refreshingly self-assured when dealing with an 8-year-old kid suffering from heart failure. Guess therapy really did do some make a date with erica. In a less welcome twist, Cristina became enamored of the dermatology department. Yep, the heretofore unseen dermatology department. It just feels like lazy writing.

But I had an even harder time accepting that Yang -- who breathes, eats, sleeps, dreams the fast-paced, cutthroat world of surgery -- would be enthralled, even temporarily, by the uber-chill Planet Lotion, where residents bake each other seven-layer birthday cakes, are treated to massages and leave early to go for facials. Another line of the night came courtesy of one doc who remained blissfully, unapologetically immovable. Your turn. Did you think the episode hit the mark?

Are you eager to see Callie and Erica tackle date No. Posted by: Sarah October 17, at PM. Not Meredith bedding Cristina all the time. Posted by: Anna October 17, at PM. Easliy the best episode of the season thus far and the best episode -- outside of last season's finale -- in quite some time. I loved every part of the Callica scenes and Bailey was awesome! George was adorable and the whole dermatology wing part was hilarious. I agree with Sarah to a small degree in substance, certainly not tone in that I would have like to have seen more of Meredith and Derek but they're taking baby steps and I enjoyed that we got to see Derek in his own right, not solely in relation to Meredith.

I'm glad he put his foot down with regards to Alex who acted like the ass he is and Izzie who finally stood up for herself. Good for him. And good for Hahn for metaphorically slapping Meredith on the wrist when she caught her lying about her surgical skills.

That stuff can get a cute! But, still, Callie and Erica's foray into dating was my favorite part. I've never seen a storyline like this approached with the same attitude as the straight ones. Posted by: tracey October 17, at PM. Wow, I thought this epi was worse than last weeks.

When did Grey's become the L-Word? The dermo scene didn't fit in. Derek is now emasculated because he moved into Mer's dorm, and she's with Cristina at of all places his trailer. This show is going down the toilet. Chief, take a valium. Ratings show this. Posted by: Mel October 17, at PM. Posted by: J. October 20, at AM. This was a great episode. Everything about it felt right: The humor, the romance, the drama, the med part. People complaining just don't know what they're talking about. This show is NOT over, it has finally achieved the next level.

As for the Callica haters: You're a homophobic bunch, that's all. Torres and Hahn have a hundred times make a date with erica chemistry than Torres and O'Malley ever had Just shows how blinded you are by your own fears and your complete lack of tolerance and understanding. And those of you who don't see that Callie and Erica are a thousand times better than Callie and George are homophobic. I love George, don't get me wrong. But he and Callie didn't Now, Erica and her That is one couple that is definitely screen time worthy.

Posted by: Samantha October 27, at AM. Posted by: deejaye January 30, at AM. Local U. Advanced Search. Advanced Search X. From: To:. Staging1 This blog is used for testing purposes. Comments Archives 8. Blah episode. This show is sooooo over. All these bitter tears from MerDer fans just make the Callica taste all the better. But then we get Callica and I just feel so much better. Go Callica! I want more episodes for them!

Make a date with erica

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