Gumballs and dungeons machine altar

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Wiki link better format. Besides of those items from maze e. Anything that can be used to throw you can try gumballs and dungeons machine altar submit. Use Bandit when you are going to get smurf potion. Basically give 20 of the same items to tree house. Easiest way is Condottiere gumball which is found by buying 15 gold pot gives 20x Persian Powder. Another way is to use Night Knight to get Night Blade every 2 floors. I got this quest completed using LUCK and 2x portal of earth. Pirate gumball gives a chance to find treasure chest every floor.

Only can find one Wizard's Corpse per run. Click 2x and strange altar will appear. Password is Green, Yellow, Red, Blue. Enter tent do not kill everyone yet click table, gamble. If that is insufficient, portal of earth rank 5 earth spell for more. When Farplane ranger title is learnt, Zorro's Corpse gives a soul that doubles the progress to leveling the mask. Pick up shovel in Rubbish dump, on some floors there are checkered tiles, click those to excavate.

There is a special altar colored you will see in once per maze, insert 3 of the same color crystal and beat the elemental inside. Upgrade the all 3 skull equipment to lv 10 and wear it on, use the bone staff to summon it out. When Skeleton Drake dies, Dragonling skull will be dropped by chance. They are to be stolen in lounge by individual stated in bracket. You can find both this lounge and Wizard of Oz lounge in a single maze run.

Stolen in lounge Wizard of Oz once per run. They are to be stolen in lounge. Die in the floor maze and collect your tombstone. One good method is going to a deep floor non bossdamage yourself until next hit is fatal and then portal back and die. Enter back the same maze without going to other maze. Upon entering the floor where you ly died, you will have notification that you have ly died here.

Press the tombstone to get legacy. Beat every rival can be gumballs and dungeons machine altar by Nether Wick received from Farplane Ranger with Night Walker in fighting stand from floor 5 to To enter floor 95, equip Spartan helm. It can be obtained in boss rewards. To plant sunflower seed, do not plant Magic Vine. Feed black thorn seed to sunflower to get sunlight. Use plant to kill plant monster to get more seeds, portal twice should do the trick.

Some cases it appears in low floors. Save up EP in the form of item. There is a theory that state it wont appear if you have high EP. Find the cave, repeatedly give wrong answer o soybean, wheat except open sesame until no more bandits appear zorro loves em or use area of effect spells.

Holy Lamp oil is found in boss treasure on floor 60 and above. You will need to upgrade using golden red lamp oil twice to have the -1 lamp oil cost and equip it before wish. So its not possible to get both book of Amun ra and Book of the Dead in a single run. Get all statues except the Lich to level 20 use Demon's Cocktail formula from bloody fortress as your potion and use it when you have a lot of set of equipments to sacrifice.

You should max the Mono-Eyed Tyrant or Fire statue first because it gives you better item discovery chance. If Canas, bring Witch to be immune to poison. Let the summoner summon lots of zombie then kill them with AoE skill like Zorro, light of heaven. Blood Essence always spawn when you kill zombies. Dont get any artifact from floor 1 and survive.

Each time you enter the bloody cellar usually appear at floor before boss e. At least 1 run specially for this one because it requires 20 ancestor blood. You can get it to lvl 30 and get all upgrades to 5 stars easily in a single run by fully utilizing Plane Prophet tittle and 2 portals.

Bury all the sailor and buy all the crew. Although the Shrine and Altar may appear many times, but it only allow you to submit 3 times. Once a reward is received, that counts as once. To maximize the reward taken, I suggest offering the bold item below. Can i say this as Plagiarism? I never said this is my own work and I always put source in it. This guide and others are copy pasted to this sub because some people don't like using facebook.

You're free to post your own guide here if you want to help those people. Oriental Shrine and Machine Altar Although the Shrine and Altar may appear many times, but it only allow you to submit 3 times. Posted by Subreddit creator. In the early floors, Let the tent spawn out all the mobs, kill butcher and everyone else for EP. Sort by: best. Plagiarism I never said this is my own work and I always put source in it. Continue this thread. More posts from the GDmaze community. Created Nov 28, Top posts december 5th Top posts of december, Top posts Back to Top.

Gumballs and dungeons machine altar

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80/80 DP Walkthrough + Oriental Shrine and Machine Altar + Passwords