Erotic photo tumblr

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One's ability to decipher the information in this introduction. The knowledge that an unsolicited dick pic will not make me fall over with my legs in the air. The understanding that statement two is negated when gifted with a solicited dick pic. Perhaps, then, I will be interested in providing you with my opinion of your appendage, though you really should be confident with your size and ability.

The realization that humor and sarcasm are highly valued in my interactions. The proper use of "your, you're" and "there, their, and they're. The maturity to know that eroticism and sexuality come first and foremost from the stimulation of the mind. My blog is an amalgamation of the ruminations that captivate my mind and dominate my dashboard. I adore lingerie, sadists, masochists, heels, latex, contrast, and CNC interaction between the sexes. Most of my items are erotic photo tumblr, with a few shots of me sprinkled about.

They are tagged bff. If you are below legal age, please return when you are able to legally follow my. If you own a ghost blog or professional porn blog, you will be blocked. I do not Snapchat or KIK. Please check my Archive for a more thorough glimpse of my tastes. If you wish to submit, I love erotic and sensual black and white photos. Observer theme by Zack Sultan.

Erotic photo tumblr

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