Big breast moms tumblr

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Imagine my tying your head there, the pheromones entering your bloodstream as you struggle for escape. Nowhere to get leverage, your hands just slide along my silky skin, the same skin your face is pressed against. As you feel them chemically tying your brain in knots you fight more and more desperately. Your erection is surging, and in the midst of your escape you have to also keep from the contact with my legs making you cum helplessly. I just lean back, pulling your body along, and gravity does the rest. Your erection drops between my thighs, and I clamp down, trapping it there.

Your struggles kick up a notch, but the pulsing of my thighs turns it into little more than an epileptic seizure. I feel terrible, I feel awful.

Big breast moms tumblr

I feel like a weak man, a scummy boss and a terrible husband. All she has to do is shoot me texts like the one from a couple of hours ago:. God, stop it. What if somebody sees me? My heart races in a dark, secret thrill, and then leaps when she answers the door in a soft, white robe and a pleased, self-satisfied smile. My eyes have fallen to her broad, swinging hips in front of me. After a few paces in, just at the entry to her living room, she spins to me and pulls me to her with my tie.

The lights throughout the condo are down low. My god the ass on her…. She starts to chuckle. I moan, I utter something. I give away my arousal. Holy shit what does this girl have planned for me?? Though more than ten years her senior, I feel like a little boy with her tonight. She has me in her mouth in a moment. She sucks on me, half-engorged in the warmth of her mouth, and soon I feel myself growing down into her throat. The sensation is overwhelming; a member this size, when erect, is like a disability.

My eyes are glued to her hand, her small feminine hand wrapped around my huge cock. In comparison, it looks delicate, where my manhood is monstrous. But, delicate as they may be, she shows me that her hands hold power as she stands and pulls me, by my brutish, eager shaft, along with her as she steps backwards, smiling mischievously into my eyes. And so, gently yanking me by the root, my pants still around my ankles, she slowly le me to her couch, sitting me on its low arm, facing her.

She drops my dick, leaving it to hover wildly up into the space between us, and continues to undress me. I watch - her standing now head-and-shoulders above me - as she unbuttons, slides me out of, and then discards my rain-spattered shirt. As she crouches to remove my shoes, peel my socks from my feet, she takes a moment to smile wordlessly up at me.

Big breast moms tumblr step, with her help, from my puddled khakis and when she stands again I am completely naked. She giggles as I come big breast moms tumblr face-to-face with her big, robed breasts. Deeply, deeply, deeply I understand just how weak I am, as I stare at her, as I feel myself falling under her spell.

Anything you need? Anything I can do? She knows, she knows how tortured I am, and that this is just tightening the screws. Deed to be functional and give good coverage…to a woman three cup sizes smaller. She giggles at my bewilderment and approaches me, holding her robe open wider, stepping in until my nose, mouth, cheeks settle onto her cleavage. I moan, feeling the warmth of her breasts, their silky skin, getting a waft of her light, floral perfume. She then, with a gentle sigh, closes her robe over me, wrapping my head into her chest. My world is suddenly centered in her chest.

Big breast moms tumblr

The overwhelming scents fill me - her perfume intermingled with sweetly salty sweat and…something more earthy. As I pull it into my lungs, I hear her giggle. Do you smell my bra? My milk? With a moan, a soft sigh, I begin to tentatively kiss what I can, the smooth skin between her tits. Making all this milk for my baby? My hands have found themselves on her waist, fading their way back on her hips. My arms now fully around her hips, she lets me marvel at just how much of her there is.

I groan into her, grunting her name, but in shamed disbelief of myself. How am I letting myself do this?? Hm, baby? A mommy? You like the idea that I have a baby, a baby I grew in this body? How does she have me so figured out?? That I feed with this body? She chuckles, breasts jiggling against my face. Last time? A taste, when we were fucking? I go completely still. At that she opens her robe, steps back. Another collaborative piece, with great input from my co-authors and of course the magnificent dialogue at the end read to us by the ethereal GoddessByNight.

Think she should do more Rina for us? Her Patreon is here. How did you find me…??? Let me go at once! Just be a good boy and I promise you will feel much better as soon as you drink your milkies. Just relax and drink aaaall the warm milkies. Big breast moms tumblr Succubus is keeping up to her name, happily draining my life force again and again in such lewd way. I was in awe of the reality that was the present moment.

Shrunken and tiny, I heard her approaching. Loud heavy footsteps vibrated the floor gently beneath my feet. I knew she was coming.

Big breast moms tumblr

She was so fucking hot. The moment she came around the corner, entering the living room from the kitchen, my heart skipped a beat. My throat caught. I would have gulped loudly, but my body was stunned by the sight of her. She was an erotic dream. My reaction to seeing her was amplified ten fold by my newly reduced size. I think the top of my head came half way up her thighs.

Big breast moms tumblr

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