Anal training erotica

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Training for anal intercourse How many times have you heard of this scenario played itself out. Perhaps it's an experience you have had. A man ple with a woman to try anal sex. With some misgivings, she consents because he wants it so much. Excited, he tries to thrust his penis into her ass, causing pain when her inner sphincter is forced open and th He told me my training for the next several weeks will be intense. Because He can and wants to.

When things get intense with Him, He really means it. As His anal submissive slut, i endure what He wants for his pleasure and my instruction. He says He will give me details later on what will be expected of me. Knowing Him, He has Day 1 Master walked into the room and found Freya dressed and getting the children ready for school. She knew from his look that something fun was about to happen once the kids were off on their way to school. Master spoke, "Freya its time for your weekly anal training" with those words her bald pussy wettened, and her nipples grew stiff, she knew she was i In the first year of your relationship with Emma you were totally happy, but as time went on you found yourself increasingly sexually frustrated.

The almost total lack of sex had been taking its toll on you and the relationship. Using this logic, buying the Slave4U aphrodisiac off the int Readers, kindly note: The following is a anal training erotica BDSM fantasy that depicts fully consenting women engaged in anal masochism, humiliation, and exhibitionism and includes mention of orgasm denial, forced orgasm, pee play, enemas, rimming, and cock worship. Any physical resemblance to a real person that any fictiona The specifics of each chapter will be listed in the preface so that you will know what the story contains.

Constructive comments are always welcome, especially from women as I'm always curious if I've captured anything that mig While set in the same Etiquette universe, there will be creative differences going forward that neither Cypher or myself plan to justify against each other's work.

In other words, we'll probably both take our stories in different — although at times similar — directions. First let me tell you a bit about ourselves. My name is Kurt. I am 5'9" tall with a closely shaven head. I pride myself in my ability to keep my body toned, but I am by no means a gym rat. As my love of my life, my wife, Kala has measured many times before, my cock is 7.

My love, my companio Howdy, folks. Brother Sam here. A tall, good-looking, forthrightly bisexual young black man with a poignant story to tell. Why do I bother with introductions anymore? Habit and protocol. At this point, all of you know who I am. I recently left the anal training erotica of Boston, my usual hunting ground, because one of my stunts attracted way too much attention. So, I went t SmutMD Log in. Log in Remember Me. SmutMD up. There is a lot more to SmutMD than you think! Anal Training Stories 93. Sort by: Best match Most recent. On Off.

Anal training erotica

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